Bollinger Bands®

Click here to download this spreadsheet example. In particular, the use of oscillator-like Bollinger Bands will often be coupled with a non-oscillator indicator-like chart patterns or a trendline. But with The Bollinger Band, the second low may indicate a good time to buy, as the stock could be preparing for an uptrend. When trading a squeeze, you might consider placing a buy entry point above the upper band, or a sell entry point below the lower band in the squeeze area. However, from my experience, the guys that take money out of the market when it presents itself, are the ones sitting with a big pile of cash at the end of the day. As price gets more volatile, the bands widen move further away from the average , and during less volatile periods, the bands contract move closer to the average.

When volatility is high; prices close far away from the moving average, width of Bollinger Bands increases to include more price action movement. Bollinger Bands and Volatility Forex Trading Strategies and High and Low Volatility FX Trading Systems.

BREAKING DOWN 'Bollinger Band®'

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What is a 'Bollinger Band®' A Bollinger Band® is a set of lines plotted two standard deviations (positively and negatively) away from a simple moving average of the security's price. A Bollinger. Learn how to measure market volatility using Bollinger Bands as a technical tool in market analysis to identify buy and sell channels. Developed by John Bollinger, Bollinger Bands® are volatility bands placed above and below a moving average. Volatility is based on the standard deviation, which changes as volatility increases and bands automatically widen when volatility increases and narrow when volatility .