Forex, Bollinger Bands, and Excel

Interpreting the Bollinger Band will help in finding the stock volatility to make Buy or Sell decisions. The lower Bollinger band is indicated in Red color. Learn how your comment data is processed. Interactive Brokers IB is a low cost provider of trade execution and clearing services for individuals, advisors, prop trading groups, brokers and hedge funds. Similar to the stock market, there are times in which Forex rates change rapidly.

Excel file containing formulas for calculation of simple moving average, Bollinger Bands, and exponential moving average as described in this post. Data File For this example we’ve got a CSV file with 6 months of hourly SPY .

Support and Resistance

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Pivot Points

rows · EXCEL-Bollinger Bands, Bollinger Bands Chart, Bollinger Bands Analysis . Calculate Bollinger Bands using Excel The first stage in calculating Bollinger Bands is to take a simple moving average. In Excel, we use the formula =AVERAGE(). This is an Excel chart that gives the GBP-USD daily exchange rate (thats’ the blue line called CLOSE) over the last year But there are three more lines on the chart. We have the 20 Day Moving Average, and the Upper and Lower Bollinger Bands.