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Foreign exchange (forex): general information on average rates. Conversion rules prior to 1 July Income received or expenses incurred prior to 1 July will need to be converted using the old conversion rules.

Translation (conversion) to Australian dollars – foreign currency exchange rates to use

Check out the Are you a resident decision tool on our website and let us know what the outcome is. Thanks for the additional information. We're checking our response with a specialist area, and we hope to get back to you as soon as possible. Generally speaking, if you are conducting your activities outside of Australia, and are not a resident for tax purposes, then you are not required to report non-Australian sourced income in an Australian tax return.

If you deposit money into your Australian bank account, and you earn interest on that income, you are required to pay tax on that income. If you have provided your bank with your overseas address, they will withhold tax on that income and forward it to us on your behalf. As we mentioned, we can offer general tax and super information here - if you'd like written advice on how tax law applies to your circumstances, you can apply for a private ruling. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Best answer ATO Certified. Still waiting for the reply. Dear JoudyH Thank you for your kind reply If I deal with a broker from UK and transfer my profits to My aussie Bank acct which im not taking any intrest from than i guess it would be a non taxed transaction from what i understood?

Thank you Amanda So if i make profit from my Australian Broker pepperstone for example and my situation is non resident for tax purposes and i deposit my profits in my Auatralian Bank acct i probebly am not elgible for any taxes correct? Kindly note im not taking any intrest from my bank. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Historical Exchange Rates

forex market in order to stay consistent and professional trade and at low volatility of training will be done online buying and ato foreign exchange rates selling foreign currencies effort to gain a profit made for outdoors. For yearly exchange rates of countries not mentioned in the ATO summaries, (e.g. China) – see the latest Westpac calendar and financial year average AUD exchange rates here: Financial year average exchange rates Australian dollar (updated annually) See also. for daily rates, Westpac online – Foreign exchange historical rates. Nov 02,  · The rates from Sharesight should be fine as they are the spot rate on the day of the transaction and from a reputable source. I believe the ATO would accept these rates. From the ATO.