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Please take notice that any unregulated trading activity by U. It is advisable before opening an account to check whether the broker is licensed, and if not, then it would be better to look for a more reliable and trustworthy binary options broker. You can read about real auto-trading robots, which work with licensed Forex brokers, see here. First of all, you must provide certain documents necessary to confirm your identity. One of the most common complaints traders is the fact that after the registration and replenishing of the account balance from the broker they understand that the services, advertising on the site, differ from those actually offered. So when choosing a binary options broker from a variety of options, the most important parameter is a safety and the best way to avoid fraud is cooperation with a regulated broker.

Forex Broker Complaints There are many complaints about Forex, Crypto and Binary Option Brokers and the complaints are for a variety of reasons. Investors who use a licensed and regulated broker, will rarely have problems or complaints.

Understanding the rules and working conditions

If you are not sure, give me the link of the broker that I will investigate for you. Hi I have invested total of pounds on http: If you deposit by Credit Card try to have your money back, by doing a CashBack. There are other companies that offer services specialized in recovering money back from scam brokers like this one. I Knnow that http: Get in touch with them. The site first time said my side bank is problem. Hi, I am afraid that your company was just a scam. And they are gone with the clients money.

If I would guess I would say they were not even a real Broker. My opinion is that you lost your money. Try to see with ForexPeaceArmy about other complaints and if there are others, try to get together and to buy a service to recover your money. It is very important to chose only regulated Brokers. Hi, I have been trading with Wynn finance and up until last week had been doing ok. Is there any way to recover my money? Broker said he would call and we could rebuild, but have head nothing.

Thanks for you help in advance. That Broker is not regulated. The story you just told me is the kind of scam made by that kind of Brokers. If you deposit with credit card, contact your bank and tell them you have been scammed. Ask for a Cash Back. Good day My name is Vusi from South Africa. I have invested USD with the https: I send an email to the lady broker who was assisting me and she never responded to my emails. I checked the trading history on the account and now it shows that I have lost the USD.

As you probably know by now, that Broker 53Option it is indeed a scam. They are not regulated. Or you can hire a service to help you recover not always they managed to do that or you can try get it by yourself if you deposit in using a method that you have some protection,like credit card. What was your deposit method?

Hi people my money was stollen by RBinary. Instead it has it has taken money out my pocket abroker who wanted more money all the time first it wasdollars then another dollars wait he was not done yet.. Hi, That behavior is not correct. The broker is really scaming you. The big problem is that they are not regulated. You need to try another approach. What deposit methods you used to deposit? I knew nothing about Binary Options but received messages on my Internet about Robots and as I have a busy schedule I thought that may be a good way to go and I was directed to Big Option where on 7th May I deposited Euros.

I was contacted by an Accounts Manager called Viktor Bogrov who told me that he had many certainties coming up Disney etc but I would have to put more money into the account. I have never trade in BigOption, but from what I check, this broker is not regulated. When we deposit in non regulated Brokers like BigOption, it is very easy to get scammed. From what I read on your comment, they prepared you from day one to stole you as much as they could. If you deposit using credit card, try to make a cash back.

Perhaps it is too late, but get in contact with your bank or credit card issuer, to do that. Rui, I have never tried to do a cash back on a C redit Card, in this instance how much would I be asking to claim back, just the they owe me although that amount has not been shown on a Credit Card and what if any evidence do I need to give the Bank. Hi Rui, I started an account at 23Traders. They have e-mailed me plenty of times since about getting started. I have been very busy backwards and forwards with work and read a few horror stories about them on the net.

The last e-mail they sent me I replied that I was too busy with work to give it a go and would rather just withdraw my money.

Hi, I have never heard about that 23traders, but is seems to me that they are scammers. They operate under another company called Decimol Ltd in Bulgaria, wich makes rather dificult to recover your money. Or at least, more expensive, than the money you lost.

Depending the way you deposit there can be a way, since there are anti fraud systems that several banks and card issuers. What deposit method you use, so I can see if you can go from there? Complaints against binary options brokers — What is it? We will use the comments as if they are a help forum. Complaints against binary options brokers — How to avoid them? This is the simplest way to avoid problems: Complaints against binary options brokers — How can I help?

Complaints against binary options brokers — Step 1 If you have a complaint, just leave your comment below explaining your problem. Rui Oliveira Trader for more than 20 years and author of several blogs.

After the success of my Binary Options training lessons, I decided to offer my services on a worldwide basis. That is how this blog was born. I hope you enjoy it and share it.

Hi, Your Broker is not regulated, even he shows an address in England, the company behind it is a small company with 2 directors, very recent, with a 1GBP value. Hi, Porter Finance is not regulated. Hi, I never use Neo2. Hi, Any regulated broker is proud of being, so they always have that information in a visible spot of the website.

Hi, That Broker is not regulated. Hi, As you probably know by now, that Broker 53Option it is indeed a scam. Thanks Rui, I will contact my Bank and see what they can do. Thank you for your advice J. Keep me posted, to see what can be done, and if you got any luck.

Rui, I have never tried to do a cash back on a C redit Card, in this instance how much would I be asking to claim back, just the they owe me although that amount has not been shown on a Credit Card and what if any evidence do I need to give the Bank Regards J. Click Here to Get Our Offer. We use cookies to personalise content and user experience, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

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Over the past couple of years, we have come across literally dozens of complaints lodged against Forex and Binary Options Brokers. These complaints arise owing to a number of reasons. While some are legitimate complaints, many others may not be. If anything we found that traders using licensed and fully regulated brokers will rarely run. Complaints. In connection with the emergence of a growing number of binary options brokers and trading platforms available in the market for traders, the risk is quite high to bump into various fraudulent schemes or scam brokers. Jul 03,  · → Broker Zone → Broker Problems (Complaints) Next High Impact Market News Event: Retrieving events Toggle shoutbox The Traders Chat. If someone starts flaming you PM me with a screenshot of the incident and I will ban them if its legit. Binary Option broker Scam AlertExpert Option Started by Mhaysea, 29 Oct 1 reply