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Which crude oil should I trade in MCX? Below are 3 technical analysis tools commonly used when day trading the futures markets: Used to confirm trading signals, normally from a Momentum Indicator , the bands indicate overbought and oversold levels relative to a moving average. Mouse over chart captions to display trading signals. So that I can directly get into trade than too much thinking.

Bollinger Bands are technical indicator used to identify the possible trend reversal and buy or sell signals. Bollinger Bands consist of a middle band with two outer bands. The middle band is a simple moving average and the two outer bands are set 2 standard deviation.

WTI crude oil forecast and analysis on July 26, 2018

There are times it helps not to get slaughtered in the market. The slope of the moving averages shows how steep a move is, something that you can easily miss otherwise, and helps me stay away from a stupid trade against an obvious market bias.

Staying away from a such a trade, obviously, frees my mind to focus on a trade in the direction of the market bias. I also use an indicator that displays the time remaining for a particular bar at the lower right-hand corner.

These are extremely helpful when playing the small trades. It saves me a few hassles of having to worry about key levels if they appear automatically and just concentrate of picking the right moment to enter. This is the crude oil 1 min chart as of a few moments ago.

Indicators play a major as well as significant role in intraday traders particularly for the beginners for trading. Super trend is the best indicator for intraday trading. Super trend is inbuild with two parameters 1. Time period and 2. The best as well as the widely used ration is 14 days time period and 2. RSI is the one best indicator which also used widely in current market. When an crude oil is overbought or oversold, it is shown by the RSI Relative strength index , which is an oscillating indicator.

By comparing the price action over a period of time usually 14 periods enables the indicator to show if the price has become significally high or low.

This can find out when a current trend may be coming to an end or when a new trend may be forming. The RSI helps to time the entries and exits to maximize profits before there is a rise or fall in price.

For whole artilce click here https: Bollinger bands are known as oscillator indicators which help to measure price volatility. The central band depicts the price's simple moving average.

The upper and lower bands represent levels where the price is considered relatively high or low compared to its recent moving average. To be a wise trader specialist you need to comprehend when to put resources into something and to what extent to clutch it. Keeping in mind the end goal to know these two key components you need to make a solid forecast instrument. Nobody has an enchantment gem ball, so you need to depend on information and market examination. Normally oil brokers and financial specialists will hope to driving business sector pointers to make shrewd exchanges.

Oil is viewed as a standout amongst other driving pointers for business sectors around the world. Demand and supply — Understanding the supply level the world over and the balancing interest can enable speculators to check whether oil costs will rise or fall. By and large, supply with unaltered or declining interest will trigger a value drop. Major capital investment- Cuts in capital expenditure of premier oil companies shows major downfall in financial results.

International events- Natural calamity, wars, major unrest in oil producing companies also influence crude oil. If you want to generate good returns on your investment , a more suitable option to trade in commodity. I would suggest from trading experience Khelo MCX provides accurate commodity tips based on fundamental and technical analysis.

There are lots of indicator in intraday. Leading indicators lead price movements and try to forecast the future. Download the detailed backtest report here.

If you find any misleading or non-reproducible content then please inform us at support tradingtuitions. Good to see ur efforts in commodity. Bye the way, I request u to make this system in Excel, as most of the individual traders still do not have access to Amibroker.

Thanks for your suggestion Gautam. Are you requesting the same system to be coded in Excel or do you have any other recommendation? Hope this will give better results. Yes same system in Excel, with a little change of exit current position when price crosses 20 SMA.

Then re entry with BB signal as said in system. IMO, this exit rule can give better result. Ur expertise is welcome. Can we trade this strategy for intraday. If its works in intraday which time frame suitable like 5 Min, 15 Min.

Ok, Thanks for your hope sir, Any intraday strategy For crudeoil or how to get the open, high, low excel system in Mcx. Hi admin,This Crude Oil Trading has sniper technique? I am confuse name code which i saw in youtube name crude sniper. This code use in time frame?.

Thank you for share. Ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and other regions of the world tend to cause widespread volatility in the crude oil trading markets. Examples of major events that have historically influenced crude oil prices include the Persian Gulf War of the early s and the Arab Spring.

These are examples of major geopolitical events; however, crude oil is also sensitive to climate conditions and natural disasters. Prices may wildly fluctuate as a tropical storm increases in intensity and approaches offshore drilling rigs or heavily populated areas. Harsh winters and overlong summers may have a particularly strong effect on crude oil pricing as well. The situations described above are proof that investing and trading in crude oil are economic activities subject to strong volatility caused by major developments.

Although quite a few traders thrive and profit from volatile situations, they do not take a position on the market without first reading into the trends shown by the Bollinger bands.

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Bollinger bands are indicators used in technical analysis for the purpose of charting high and low prices. These bands indicate the high and low prices of investment vehicles and run parallel across the chart. In the case of WTI and Brent crude oil prices, for example, day upper Bollinger bands can be used to find technical resistance around the . The attached chart shows a one-minute crude oil futures chart with Bollinger Bands. Trendlines have been drawn to show the trend direction based on Bollinger Band guidelines discussed below. Trendlines have been drawn to show the trend direction based on Bollinger Band guidelines discussed below. Figure 1: Nymex Crude Oil Continuous Contract, Weekly: Graphic provided by: TradeStation. In summary: In the long term, oil is still in a uptrend. - In the medium term (weekly), Bollinger Bands are flat and indicate the current trading range phase, with resistance at $57 and support at $ - In the short term, indications are for lower prices.