Energy Commodity Trading Risk Management Solution

Real-time comprehensive holistic risk valuation, reporting and visibility. A repository for all static data in the system including product types, delivery locations, pipeline information and user profiles. Improve controls and gain transparency into all aspects of the trading business with a comprehensive approach to managing risk and regulatory compliance. No SQL and no coding. Full Monte Carlo stochastic risk. Flexible trade capture, retrieval and reporting capabilities including pre-trade simulations, stress testing, and complex pricing modelling for financial and physical deal attributes. These have to be executed externally and results uploaded.

Energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems involve commercial decision making and market execution using an integrated system that enables data exchanges among trade floor, operations, credit, contract and accounting functions. Integral to the process are event and trade identification.

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Enable pipeline and storage operators with more effective pipeline operations management capabilities; provide power generators and fuel suppliers with effective ETRM software solutions for natural gas and power operations management.

Improve controls and gain transparency into all aspects of the trading business with a comprehensive approach to managing risk and regulatory compliance. Access global real-time and historical data, news and analytics in any energy sector. Use nonsimulation- or simulation-based approaches, as well as more than forward curves to gain a better understanding of the possible impacts of extreme market conditions.

Increase efficiencies and productivity in accounting and treasury by optimizing and automating processes, reducing errors and integrating disparate ETRM systems. Turning Uncertainty into Innovation in Energy Industry: Energy and Commodity Trading.

Compete more efficiently by streamlining and integrating the trading, risk management and operations of physical commodities and their associated financial instruments. Gain comprehensive market information through real-time data, connectivity and analytics to help you contend with price volatility. More closely monitor complex multimodal supply chains and operational life cycles so you recalibrate as needed to ensure maximum profitability. Gain greater insight with trading and hedging alerts for monitoring position limits, margin or profit and loss in real time.

Get independent commodity portfolio valuation and risk service to help comply with regulatory reporting requirements.

Leverage the middle-office outsourcing offering to cover daily trade processing, trading and reconciliation, OTC confirmation, cash management, payroll and contribution processing, and compliance testing and reporting. Ensure rapid on-boarding of exchanges, clearing houses and clearing brokers with a constantly updated library of clearing report templates. Integrate seamlessly with clearing brokers, ETRM software and back-office systems.

Provide a unique consolidated view of trades, positions and cash settlement components and facilitate the identification, tracking and resolution of exceptions. Support additional asset classes as well as intraday and end-of-day cash reconciliation, confirmation matching and internal system-to-system validation.

Gas and Power Operations. Aligne for natural gas operations — Make the timely decisions needed to maximize capacity while avoiding imbalance penalties. Our energy trading software automates workflows, aggregates data and provides a smooth integration of physical risk and accounting systems. Aligne for power operations — Provides all the integrated information energy marketers, generation owners and load providers need for scheduling, along with superior energy trading software tools for everything from contract compliance to settlement calculations, billing to invoicing, real-time generation dispatch and curtailment management.

Aligne for fuels management — Manage inventories and logistics, thus reducing the cost of procuring, transporting or consuming fuel. Our rich experience in power, oil, gas, nuclear energy, and renewable energy helps accelerate trade execution and mitigate operational and regulatory risks.

Our ETRM offerings are reinforced by our expertise in hedging instruments, logistics and contract management, petroleum refining, modes of energy transport, and inventory management.

We enable energy traders to make superior risk-adjusted trading decisions by harmonizing systems, processes, and data. We also help traders select and implement trading platforms that address tactical needs, minimize license costs and provide scalability. Infosys develops bespoke trade blotters for visibility into trading activities, and monitoring systems that reduce costing issues and outages on price curves.

Our knowledge management frameworks enable accurate tracking of invoices and accruals. SimEnergy can MtM using a half-hour volume and price profiles. The half-hour profile can incorporate various load profiles including minimum, average, maximum and simulation and the half-hour Forward Price Curve can be based on historical prices, current market prices or supplied by the user.

VaR is calculated using volatilities and correlations calculated from historical prices. SimEnergy provides for settlement calculations and invoice management in a controlled workflow for OTC derivatives, views of dated payments and invoice creation for upcoming payments.

Environmental certificates can be created from historical meter readings for generation and retail, MtM can be produced from an Environmental Forward Curve and Inventory and Cashflow reports can be produced. SimEnergy has data that can be automatically imported from external websites including ASX, AEMO, PC Span and specified folders to ensure that market data has been updated for all users prior to the workday commencing.

SimEnergy enables segregation of duties by controlling access for each user. Provides controls around deal status updates, delegations of authority, breach reporting and automatic emailing to internal and external stakeholders.

SimEnergy has a system administrator controls access, permissions and notifications for each user in SimEnergy. The system administrator can also define custom fields and configure database connections, shared folders and other configurable settings. SimEnergy has a consolidated audit log records changes that have been logged against Calendars, Companies, Deals, Products and Users. Design and customise your own reports based on the simulation and valuation engines integrated into SimEnergy with the results written to the database.

Compete on a Global Scale with Energy Trading Software

If your company maintains trading, risk management, scheduling and reference information in multiple systems, often including Excel, it is an impossible task to keep all the information synchronized and reconciled. The New Generation of Energy Trading and Risk Management Systems. A rapidly changing industry has resulted in a new generation of energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems. What is ETRM Software? – Energy Trade Risk Management Software. ETRM Energy trading, transaction and risk management ETRM software is that category of software applications, architectures and tools that support the business processes associated with trading energy commodities (Crude oil, Refined products, Natural Gas, NGLs, Electric .