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The following holidays are declared in most of the States. Considering that India has a large population, especially in the cities, it is a good idea to plan well in advance for the holidays. High impact, red folders tend to really move the market, sometimes spiking in both direction, before finally settling down. In places like Gloucestershire and Brock worth, the residents will have the steep racing upon the steep hills followed by the traditional cheese race. The next day that is Wednesday is the Garlic Wednesday, where people eat the tradition garlic. In forex trading we exchange currencies and earn profit on them. France has a quiet ambience on this day, as all the stores, schools and business houses stay closed.

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List of National Bank Holidays in India

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The Specialty or the uniqueness of the day is that the people of Switzerland eat nuts and play nut games by singing and dancing to the folk tunes. It is an official holiday in Switzerland and this festival helps the people to improve their multi cultural awareness. This festival actually dates back to A. D, when a young prince changed his dress attire to a new robe and dressed in a new hair style featuring like an adult, and so this day is solely dedicated to the males and females who are 20 years of age.

Ceremonies are held all across the local prefectures city offices, with Japanese getting dressed traditionally in their Kimonos costume. Once this celebration is over, young Japanese start to enter their adulthood by drinking alcoholic beverages.

The celebration and the ceremonies start in the morning at all the local town halls and other city offices. Young folks who are twenty or will be twenty gather around the area. Speeches are delivered by the government officials and gifts are distributed to the freshly turned adults. The women can be seen dressed in the Furisode Kimonos, a dress with long sleeves with the Zori sandals. In the past years, the men used to wear the traditional Robes, but now the trend has changed and the Japanese men can be seen in a formal suit and tie on this day.

Coming-of-Age day reflects the rights of the Adults and their new responsibilities as adults. Martin Luther King Day: This day is one among the three federal holidays declared in the US, dedicated to honor and give respect to an individual personality. Martin Luther King Jr day bill took nearly 15 years to be passed to celebrate this day. The actual legislation was put in front of the Government, when Martin Luther was assassinated during , but since the bill got held up, it took a long time to start celebrating this day as Martin Luther King Jr day.

This bill was signed by 6 million people and then submitted to the Congress. King Luther was a very trust worthy and passionate person and his assassination turned out to be a great loss for the nation. His dream was to unite the Blacks with the Whites one day. The people celebrate this day in different ways; they attend church mass, while few of them throw a surprise party to celebrate the Birthday of this great person. Since this day is dedicated to a noble cause, there is no heavy drinking or dancing or any of these sorts on this day.

People just gather together and have fun, play gospel music and dinner is the traditional southern food. This day is a respectful day and hence no indecent actions are entertained on this day. Many people in the United States normally avoid shopping on this day. Family Day in Canada is a statutory holiday which falls on the second Monday of February, in majority of the places, while in provinces of Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta; it falls on the third Monday in February.

This day is also called the Islander day or Louis Riel day respectively. It is a statutory paid holiday for all the employees and staff in the public and private sectors. This holiday is celebrated to lay importance on family bonding and their community lives.

On this day, people take part in family activities and the whole family is together on this day. The families visit the exhibitions, watch movies, skate icing, play board games and indulge in some craft activities. The communities may even organize for a special public event. The museums and the art galleries offer reduced entry fee on this day for their visitors. Since the weather is too chilly during this time, people prefer to relish the most popular snacks like the hot chocolates and the freshly baked cookies.

Few of the families may even make a short trip and visit their families and relatives. Since this day coincides with the National Heritage day excluding British Columbia , people make a visit and explore their family history and personal heritage. Lunar New Year Holiday: The Lunar New year is also known as the Chinese New year in Hong Kong and this is celebrated on the first three days, of the first month from the lunar calendar. This is a public holiday in the Hong Kong.

Each and every year, this day will differ as this follows the lunar calendar. This day is a big festival and all the major shops and the restaurants will be closed for 3 to 10 days depending on the place.

Many of the major factories and industries stay closed for a longer period, as the workers pay long term visits to their families and relatives. They make trips outside with their family and enjoy eating out.

As the restaurants are flooded with people in Hong Kong, many of the families plan and dine out together with their families by taking their own prepared food. This day normally falls on late January or Early February, and it is one of the most traditional Chinese holidays.

Since the lunar New Year day falls on Sunday in , the 4th day of the Lunar New year will be assigned a holiday as a substitution. Australia Day was previously known as the Anniversary day, ANA day and Foundation day and this is the official national day for Australia. This day is celebrated on the 26th of January and according to history, it dates back to the day when the first fleet landed in Port Jackson on , and it is also the proclamation of the British Sovereignty upon the Eastern seaboard in New Holland.

It was previously celebrated in during the formation of New South Wales. There will be community festivals and concerts on this day and many celebrations take place on this day in all the small and big communities of the nation. This day has become the greatest annual Civic event for the Country. The other activities that take place are the parades, family meetings, barbecues and picnics.

Citizenship ceremonies are common on this day. In Sydney, the main focus is on the harbor and many races like the ferry race and the tall ship racing are conducted. The international cricket matches like the one day internationals and the Test matches normally begin on the Australia Day.

The people enjoy this day by eating roasted lamb on barbecue. National Foundation Day is observed on the 11th of February in Japan. It is a day dedicated by the Japanese for their nation and a way to foster their love towards their country.

This day is also dedicated to the establishment of an imperial line by Jimmu The first ruler of Japan. The Japanese initially followed the traditional calendar of Japan, and this day was called as the Empire day then, but later on the people started to follow the Gregorian calendar and so in , this day was newly named as the National Foundation Day.

This day is also believed to be a day where the ruler Jimmu stepped on the throne. On this day, the Japanese raise their national flag and the Prime Minister delivers a Speech to his fellowmen and country people. All the schools and colleges are closed on this day, and people prefer to stay indoors. There will be no grand ceremony or parade, but Japanese can still be seen around on the streets waving their national flag as a token of love and affection to their country.

This day seems to be of political significance in the Country, as the modern constitution of Japan was approved then by the General McArthur.

This is a state holiday for the country of America. The celebration starts in the colleges and schools prior to the day itself, and they organize lessons and events for the students and the celebration continues till the Presidents day.

It is also customary to start or inaugurate a new store or annexure on this day. It is also said to be a great day for selling and buying cars. It is a day where many people learn and know about their countries culture, geography and civic responsibilities. Even though George Washington was born on the 22nd of February, the third Monday is dedicated to the Former president specifically.

Vernal Equinox day which is usually on the 20th or 21st of March, is a public holiday for Japan. This is a national day for Japanese and this day is of significance as it embarks the vernal equinox according to the Japanese standard time, the equinox date may however differ with the varying time zones. This day is observed as a public holiday ever since Vernal Equinox is called as the Shunbun no hi In Japan, a spring vernal equinox.

As the Japanese follow Buddhism, they believe that there is a river in between the life and its next, so people visit the cemetery, weed the graves, wash the tomb stones, place flowers, keep incense and pray. The traditional food botamochi and ohagi is prepared and kept on the graves on this day, so that their ancestors can step into their next world.

This day is also significant to the Japanese farmers, as they believe that this day will bring them abundant and healthy crops. The Ching Ming festival that is celebrated in Hong Kong falls during the period of the third lunar month. This is the th day subsequent to the winter solstice or the 15th day of the spring equinox. The day normally falls on the 4th or 5th of April as per Gregorian calendar.

In fact, this day is so significant that the Hong Kong Government has put down extra transport services to the various hilly grave yards, so that people can visit them without any discomfort. The literal meaning of Ching Ming means clean bright, and so it is natural that the people sweep their ancestors graveyard and tidy up the place.

On this day, traditionally the people burn the papers and offer this at the grave yards as a part of the festival. The Hong Kong people actually burn the imitations of the laptops, air conditioners, mobiles, and even the luxurious cars. After the prayer is over, the people dine with the traditional roasted suckling pig, fruit wine and steamed chicken. It is also superstitious to hang the willow branches on the front door of the homes, as it is believed that the willows will wade off the evil spirits and allow peace at home.

Good Friday is a religious day all across the globe that is commemorated to the Crucifixion of Lord Jesus and of his death at the Calvary. This day is a fast day and people have just one meal in the day and abstain themselves from eating meat. All the people gather during the forenoon of Good Friday and offer prayers at the churches. In Hong Kong, all the government offices and businesses are closed and it is a public holiday as the Christian population in the country is more.

In Canada too this is a public holiday, with major of the offices and government building remaining closed, and the Government has banned the opening of wine and beer shops on this day.

In the Germany, the comedic theatre events and performance, public dancing are regarded as illegal on this day and the people are even restricted from watching cinemas and TV shows. No entertainment or sports activities should be watched. Even the non Christians in Germany follow this rule and abide. In UK, the traditional hot cross buns are toasted and dined on the Good Friday. It is an official public holiday in England and Wales and all the schools and business sectors are closed.

In the United States of America, the individual states, municipalities and countries observe this day as a public holiday, all the local government offices and states are closed including the financial stock market. In Australia, Good Friday is a religious and national holiday. People offer their prayers at the church and eat the hot cross buns. Many of the churches in Australia hold special prayers and services.

Some sporting event like the three peaks race begins on this day afternoon. There is a restriction on the public transport and many of them run as they do usually. In Switzerland and Italy, people prefer to pray and stay indoors.

Easter Monday is the succeeding day of Easter Sunday. This is the second day in the octave of the Easter week and also the 2nd day of the bright week. In Australia, this day is a holiday for the public. Australians will enjoy all sorts of sporting events like the Oak bank Easter racing carnival and Stawell Gi. Easter Monday is a public holiday for Canadians. The people of Canada will take a break on this day and finish the 4 day weekend, by travelling to their family and friends.

The people eat the Traditional Easter eggs and bask the weather as the Easter falls. In France, Easter Monday is a public holiday with people spending their time quietly. There will be numerous local events and customs. People visit their relatives and relax. They enjoy the spring weather. The children however participate in the various activities and are allowed to decide the family food. Some families even hold the Easter egg hunt in the garden or park on the Easter Monday.

The island of Corsica holds a colorful parade on this special day, where Catholic churches and Greek orthodox also take part. In Germany, Easter Monday starts with the candle lit parades on the country sides and the traditional egg races.

This day is observed in the country with various customs. People of South Germany walk with candles in their hands and remember the crucifixion and the resurrection of the Lord. Churches hold special services. The people walk along the field symbolically to end winter and welcome the spring season. Children participate in various events like placing the egg on the spoon and running. In United States of America even though it is not a federal holiday, the tradition and the customs are followed like the egg rolling races that take place in the White House.

A big race is held in the White house in Washington and at times even the President participates in this race, this was initially hosted by the First Lady in This day is celebrated on the 25th of April every year as a token of remembrance of Australian and New Zealand army members, who had then fought during the World War 1 in the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli.

But now, this day commemorates all military officers who had served and died for their nation. On this day there will be memorial parades, memorial services and it is a public holiday.

The most significant aspect of this day is the Dawn prayer or the Church services. The people have the customary gunfire breakfast after the service. This breakfast is a coffee with rum in it. In most of the places, marches, reunions, parades, current, past military personnel or memorial services will be conducted. Every year, 25th of April is the Liberation day of Italy.

This is a day that marks the end of the regime of Mussolini, while the 2nd world war ended in This day is of historical importance to Italians as it is a day commemorated to all those people who had laid down their lives struggling for their fascist leaders. Italy saw many of the women voluntarily fighting for the nation and dedicated this day to them also.

This public holiday in Italy will be celebrated with a robust performance of processions and marches taking place all around the country. The streets will be covered with concerts and band marches, and political rallies are also held to respect the people who died fighting for the nation.

There will be a feeling of bonhomie all across the nation. The liberation day witnessed a chief reform in the political structure of the nation on this day. The birthday of Buddha differs from country to country as it falls on the 4th lunar month, 8th day. This is an official holiday in Hong Kong, this day may vary anywhere in between the end of April to the first week of May. In , the birthday fell on the 28th of April.

This day was declared a holiday since in Hong Kong, while the nation was handed over to China by the United Kingdom in On this day, the people of Hong Kong customarily clean the statue of Buddha and give it a bath in water, this ritual actually dates back to the birth of the Lord Buddha, who was then sprayed 9 drops of water by the 9 dragons and gave him a bath.

By eating this, people think that their hardship is passed away and they will enjoy the future. The other ritual followed in Hong Kong is that the Po Lin Monastery is adorned fully and given a festive look, for the grand celebrations and special ceremonies, which will be held there.

All the restaurants will be hosting the green vegetarian feast during this time. The annual holiday of the Japanese on the 29th of April is known as the Showa Day. This day is a remembrance day of the showa eras.

This was the period when the Japanese people worked extremely hard to reconstruct their nation. It is also a day to wish for the betterment of the nation in future. Apart from being a public holiday in Japan, this day is also one among the Golden Week of Japan. As King Hirohito was a great lover of nature, after his death the day was dedicated to the environment and nature, and this day also became the Greenery day.

This is a time for the Japanese to respect the ones who gave their lives during the 2nd world war. There will be lot of travels and tourists visiting the city for this occasion, and hence all the hotels are flooded with visitors and the fares will be spiking up on this day. May 1st, May Day is also known as the Labor Day, and it is a celebration for the labor movement globally. This is a national holiday for more than 80 nations. In Japan, this day is a day off for the workers of Japan and it is a paid leave.

This day also coincides with the Golden week of the Japanese and so they have lot of holidays at a stretch to enjoy. Workers will be off this day and will be seen taking active part in the rallies and marches that are conducted by the labor unions. Various Major unions organize special demonstrations and rallies in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo.

In France, this May Day or the Labor Day holds equal importance and it is a day of campaign to celebrate the rights of the workers. On this day, in France, the loved ones are gifted with the dog rose flower bouquet or the lily of the valley flower. The children and people wake up during the early hours and go deep into the woods to pick up this flower.

The various labor organizations also sell this flower on this May Day. People hold campaigns for their human rights, abolish racism and they also highlight the existing social issues. For the Germans, this is a prehistoric festival, and a way to welcome spring season, by driving away the evil spirits.

In Berlin, the workers unions gather by the road side to organize rallies and celebrate their rights. The 30th of April midnight to the early hours of May 1st is the May Day celebration time for the Germans, who observe this day as the Witches night.

May Day starts with the traditional Maypoles. In Italy, it is a spring time and flower festival, wine and food festival, events and medieval reenactments embark on this day to start the spring season. There are big crowds hanging around to visit the most popular destinations in Italy on this day.

In Switzerland and in Singapore, May Day stems from the prehistoric customs that are related to spring celebration. This is a national day for the nation. It is a division of the Golden Week of Japanese. On this day, in the country, there will be many ceremonies all across to celebrate the anniversary of the constitution. Many people attend special lectures that are organized on this day which marks the importance of the constitution that has been enforced for over fifty years.

The visitors visit the Diet building and take photos of the building on this day. May 4th is the Greenery Day of the Japanese, and this falls in the four days among the Golden week in Japan. This is one of the busiest days in Japan and all the sightseeing spots are crowded heavily. The Greenery day is celebrated to commune with Mother Nature and to thank God for the blessings. It is of much significance, as it is a day that commemorates the birth of Buddha, his enlightenment and his death.

The day will fall on the fifth or sixth of the lunar month known as the Uposatha Day. The day begins with the traditional sutra chants by the saffron clad monks and the other devotees make a visit to the temple and offer their prayers, mediate and make their offerings.

The other thing that is peculiar on this day is that the caged birds or animals are set free and the poor or needy are given alms. The Buddhist youngsters even organize a camp for blood donations. The celebration of the day gets completed with the candle light procession, marched through out the streets.

The Buddhist temples are crowded with observers and devotees who join the celebration. Early May Bank Day: This originally was started as a festival of Rome, which honored the start of the summer season.

This day marks the beginning of the summer month, and various events are conducted to conclude the wintertime. The day is also a day to pray for the fertility and betterment of the forthcoming summer. Maypole dancing is the tradition dance held all across the country, the girls mainly dance around the tall pole which is suspended with colorful ribbons.

The girls make a decorative shape with those ribbons, and all the schools mainly in the rural places organize this dance. Morris is another dance that is traditionally followed in this period, this is a dance specifically for the boys who are dressed with white bells all around their costumes, carry the scarves and wooden sticks.

A huge accordion music is accompanied for this dance and the Morris dancers hold big displays. On the first Monday in May, the houses are decorated with flower garlands and leaves, the living image of May Queen is crowned and decorated. The girls believe that if they wash the faces with the morning dew, they will look beautiful and so this is also traditionally followed mainly in the rural areas.

There is a festival of the chimney sweeps in Rochester. Apart from all this, there is a large march on the streets mainly in London, demanding for the Workers rights.

These marches are organized through the workers union. Previously, these marches lead to violence but of late there is a complete peace march all over the country. All the schools, businesses and organizations remain closed on this day. Victory day of France is a day dedicated to celebrate the end of the 2nd world war and the freedom of the French people. This is the anniversary day while Charles de Gaulle declared the end of the war on the 8th of May So 8th May in France is the Victory day.

Prior to this day, all the schools and educational institutions focus on the history subject and teach the 2nd world war and Nazi oppression. This knowledge is preserved by them so that they can respect the modern society.

On May 8th there will be church services, Parades and other regional processions. People sign the patriotic songs and fly high their national Flag. All the homes and Government buildings hoist the National flag; this is a joyous moment for each and every citizen as they remember the people who gave their lives for the nation. The veterans attend the Champs-Elysees and are also honored on this day for their dedication and service to the nation.

Ascension Day is a great day for the Christians of France and Switzerland, as they believe that this was the day when Lord Jesus Ascended to the heaven subsequent to his Crucifixion and renaissance.

The 39th day after Easter is called the Ascension Day. Christians attend the special prayer meeting in the churches and mark the ascension of Christ to heaven, while for the other people this is a day where they can spend some time with their family, friends and relatives and relish the spring season.

This day falls on the 5th day of the week that is on Thursday so this day is also referred to as the Ascension Thursday. Apart from attending the special prayer services, people take out religious processions with banners all across the villages.

During the procession, 4 different verses from the Bible are read out at 4 different halting points. In Aachen, International Charlemagne award is presented on this day. This prize goes to the person, who had contributed to humanitarian and world peace. Victoria Day is a federal holiday for Canadians. This day falls on the last Monday of May, prior to May 25th.

This day is a day for honoring the Queen Victoria on her birthday. This day is of significance for the country both historically and culturally. It is also called the May two-four day. The cities can be seen with parades and fireworks to mark the Victoria Day. This day also marks the day of finish of the wintertime. Whit Monday is also called the Pentecost Monday, and it is a religious day of the Christians in France.

The day is movable and differs every year, as the day depends upon Easter. Various customs are actually associated with this day like the throwing competitions and cheese rolling that takes place in England, while in other parts, there are parades that are led by the clergies, brass bands, dignitaries and various other local associations. The day gets completed by conducting different activities like the dancing and eating competitions.

Few people spend some silent time with their family, while few may take part in the cultural and sporting events. France has a quiet ambience on this day, as all the stores, schools and business houses stay closed.

This public holiday differs year to year depending upon the fall of Easter. The churches in Germany, will conduct the Pentecost celebrations the whole week and the 2nd day of the Pentecost begins with various regional customs and local customs.

In rural areas, the young men nail the branches to the house walls of the women they wish to marry. In few areas of Germany, the celebration continues even after the Pentecost day, like the succeeding Tuesday is called the Forest day, and on this day the fun fairs are held inside the park wooden areas. Historical events and related plays are also dramatized. The next day that is Wednesday is the Garlic Wednesday, where people eat the tradition garlic. In Switzerland, the residents take the Monday off by celebrating in the churches the ancient feasts.

This Holy Spirit day is a federal holiday for the Swiss and they take part in the various religious events that are conducted by the local organizations. Horse Racing is one traditional event that is conducted mainly on this occasion.

But all areas or cantons celebrate this day in Switzerland, like for instance, Canton Valais, will not observe this holiday but will instead commemorate the Corpus Christi on the 23rd of June. This is one of the Federal holidays of the Americans, and falls on the last Monday in May. On this day, all Americans who died in the war are remembered and honored by the People of the United States. It is the beginning of summer vacation, and the end of the Labor Day.

The Americans visit the graves and cemeteries and place wreath, flowers and honor the dead ones by placing the National flag. It fell on the 28th of May and will fall on the 27th of May in People visit the graves even if the deceased were not from the military side.

Family gatherings, long weekend picnics and other trips are mostly the activities of the public these days. The religious service in the churches ends with the dinner served on the grounds, called the potluck meal. Memorial day is not Veterans day, as the veterans day is for all the living and dead veterans of the US military team, while the Memorial day is for the all the people who died serving for the nation.

People start to wear white garments and white shoe from this day till the Labor Day. Republic Day in Italy: This is called the Festa Della Repubblica and commemorates the institutional referendum, where Italians were called to select the Government form republic or monarchy which they wanted after the 2nd world war finish succeeding the fascism fall.

Italian people got their Republic, after surfacing 85 years of stiff monarchy, and hence this day is of great importance to the nation and its people. In the United Kingdom, the spring Bank holiday, falls on the last Monday in May yearly or on the immediate Monday succeeding the Pentecost.

It is alternatively also called as the late May bank holiday. As this falls during spring, the people have a pleasant off from their schools and workplace. Many people make a short vacation or trip.

But still in many parts of the United Kingdom, various customs are associated on this day. In places like Gloucestershire and Brock worth, the residents will have the steep racing upon the steep hills followed by the traditional cheese race. This tradition was started by the Ancient Britons and Romans.

Previously the cheeses were rolled on the hills and people used to chase it, but since this was dangerous, the cheese is just rolled down these days but not chased. In Endon, the village girls get dressed well and take part in the crowning competition, while the boys compete for the Toss the Sheaf race.

Local festivals, Morris dances and boating are the other activities that mark this day. This day is for the special honoring of the queen for her 60 years of reign. Celebrations all over the country mark the day and the events will have a special medal commissioned, a wide competition for the towns so that they can bid to get the city status, and the Greenwich being granted the Royal borough status.

Many events are conducted in the Buckingham palace. It is a very significant day at the Catholic Church, and the Eucharist is honored on this day. This sacred day is marked by the parades that take place all across the country to get the Blessed Sacrament. Even the Anglo catholic Parishes celebrate this feast of Corpus Christi. On this day Catholics and some of the Protestants attend the special church services, where exceptional attention is paid for the Sacrament blessing.

This sacrament consists of the traditional bread and wafer which is said to represent the body of Jesus. At some of the places, this Blessed Sacrament gets paraded on the streets after the church service. Small villages celebrate this feast by having a colorful celebration. Ever since , it is traditional to have the ship procession on the Rhine banks, and this has continued till now. Even though the origin of this feast is not certain, people believe that a thief will not be allowed to pass through the river, as some unforeseen force will restrain him from crossing, this force is said to be the form of God, which is punishing the thief for the sins.

This public holiday is also special as it marks the opening of the Australia winter snow sporting. Western Australians celebrate this on the 1st Monday of June. Ever since , this day is being celebrated in Australia. In South Australia, this day is called the Volunteers day.

Since Australia is one of the members of the Common wealth, and is a constitutional monarchy, this day is a public holiday. All the Australians have a day off from their schools and offices and enjoy in some sporting events and weekend trips. Many of the areas start the famous sporting events like the Melbourne cricket on this day. This day is the weekend opening of the snow season too.

Fireworks and various displays are also some interesting things that people enjoy especially on this occasion. Tuen Ng Dragon Boats Festival: This traditional and ancient festival of the Chinese is one of the Worlds boat carnivals. Thousands and thousands of revelers and spectators grace this stunning experience at the Victoria Harbor. It is a colorful and boisterous feast with many clubs and countries actively taking part in the weeklong event. The legendary boat races like the Hong Kong International boat race and the Lee Kum Kee championships are a part of this feast.

This day is not only for the serious boating action, but also the whole ambience in Hong Kong covers food, beers and music. Since this is a serious sporting event, all the participants practice for these days ahead and prepare to meet the stiff competition. The biggest race is normally held at the Stanley and YAu Ma tei.

This carnival also attracts lot of tourist and spectators from all across the globe for shopping and to witness the greatest and international Dragon boat race. All the contestants of the event have great fun and joy, as they get dressed up in their team uniforms and get into the water race. It is a federal statutory holiday for the Canadians on the July 1st, as it is the Canada Day.

In case the Day falls on a Sunday the succeeding day is considered and declared a holiday, and so in , the 2nd of July was the Canada Day. This was previously known as the Dominion Day. The day is of traditional, cultural and national importance for Canadians. All the communities of the country will organize the special celebration which includes much of the outdoor public parades and events, air shows, maritime shows, barbecues, firework displays and various musical concerts.

There are citizenship ceremonies too for the new citizens of Canada. There are no laid or standard rules to celebrate this day, but still in the capital city Ottawa, there will be huge concerts and different cultural displays, at the parliament hill. In Quebec, the parks are mounted with small events. The Municipal Government hold ranges of events like the carnivals, pancake breakfast and concerts in their respective areas.

The whole population of Canada has a festive and patriotic mood; the Canadian Flag can be seen flying proudly high on the poles, while the Canadians can be seen with painted white and red faces symbolically their national flag. It is an exuberant time at the Ottawa. In Quebec, this day is also referred to as the Moving day, and hence many people can be seen moving their possessions from a place to the other as a traditional practice.

It is a memorial day for the province of Labrador and Newfoundland, as this day is commemorated for the huge loss of lives of the Newfoundland regiments who died during the 1st world war.

Half mast flag with commemorating services are held at the war memorials. This Hong Kong special administrative region establishment day is for the commemoration of the transfer of the Hong Kong Sovereignty from the hands of the UK to the Republic of China. This day is a great day for the people and they organize the customary fireworks display at the evenings.

Various political rallies and demos are conducted to demand the universal suffrage. The declaration was made on 4th July , as the country got its independence from the clutches of the kingdom of Great Britain. If the 4th of July falls on a Sunday, the immediate day will be celebrated as the Independence Day.

All the buildings and homes in the American country can be seen with hoisted flags. This day is a great day of celebration for the people of USA, as they have deep rooted tradition for the political freedom. Since it is a day of celebration, the people visit their family, friends, and relatives and have a great time together apart from the barbecues and picnics.

Various games like the hotdog, water melon eating competitions will be conducted in the country. Sporting events like the 3 legged race, swimming, baseball, tug of war are few games that are conducted traditionally on this day. Americans enjoy the fireworks on the streets mainly at the Washington Monument, which is then followed by some patriotic songs.

The television will broadcast the best impressive fireworks. The main aspect on this day is that the people will express their thanks for their liberties and freedom struggled by the 1st generation of the present Americans.

All the schools and Government offices will remain closed on this day. Family reunions, parades and concerts are few other celebrations that are associated with the day. National Day — Bastille Day: Bastille Day also called as the National day is the celebration day of the French culture.

Bastille Day is so named for the English speaking countries and is celebrated on the 14th July of every year. This day was formally called the La Fete Nationale.

The day begins with the traditional military parade with the cadets from many troops. There are many motorized troops, aircraft aerobatics and other interesting shows on this day at different places of the country. The French allies are also called traditionally on this day for the parade, which will then be followed by the march past of the British Royal marines.

Large scale public activities including the communal meals, parties, fireworks and dances are few of the events that are embarked upon. At Paris, the day begins with the large parade, all the French navy, French foreign legions, military cadets will participate in this parade. The spectacular Fire brigade completes the parade, with the flying of the military aircrafts all over the parade route.

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