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Another option for real-time data comes from your forex trading platform. South Africa About Blog Since , ACM Gold has been committed to providing market leading services based on accessible technology and exceptional support for online. It is not investment advice or an inducement to trade. They include interbank moves that affect forex, constant news updates and lots more. Assess the true market sentiment before you short or long a currency. Frequency about 5 posts per week. Francesc Riverola March 3,

Here are the top U.S. sites for tracking forex news. One important and useful feature for forex traders is the news and analysis reports .

Forex news for North American trade on September 14, 2018:

I personally like the writing style and detailed reports on what events we need to focus next, to stay one step ahead of the biggest market in the world. So if you are fond of analysis, you will surely like this site which is something that you really need to visit on a daily basis. Forextoo Forextoo - Forextoo. Forextoo also works as forex forecast website and forex analysis blog. A lot of great analysts there, can help you in both trading approaches fundamental and technical.

This is maybe not the website I check every day, but probably I can say that I visit this once per week, especially for forecasts. There is a lot of good analysts, so this is not a bad place to check what other people thing about some pair if you got stuck without being spammed with offers.

If it continues the good work like this, is will definitely be recognized as best forex blogs and it is already in best forex blogs list by many users. Forex Complain Home - Forex Complain. I did not know about this site until February, At the starting of my trading career, I made some wrong choices. I thought I understood the art of trading, not realizing what can happen when a forex broker website cheats you and force you to lose your money!

As a result, I lost huge investment and I had absolutely no idea whom can I turn to? I would like to thank Forex Complain authority for putting up this website! This is very helpful for people who have suffered from scam. You can simply post your complain, get support from many traders and the authority will communicate with the company to solve your problems.

If the company does not solve your problems, the company will be marked as Scammer. This is first ever complete forex Directory or as you can say- forex information website. I had been looking fora website full of information on brokers, different forex related companies, offers,events,jobs and others. What we appreciated most about working with Forex Catalogs is getting an opportunity to select our forex broker website or any other required service from a large quantity of information related to financial market.

You can find suitable information whether you are a novice, old hat, short-term, or long-term trader. This is a site that offers a great start and insight for novice forex traders. Forexey Forexey - Forexey. This site is very much unique by all means. All sorts of videos ranging from educational to analysis, charts to interviews are being posted here in almost every minutes. This site is dedicated to discussions about the foreign exchange market trading, commodities, stocks, forex broker website and other related issues.

You will find a wealth of analysis and information amidst the more personal posts on subjects of interest. This site is unique because it sole focuses on charts. Knowing the movements of the major players in the forex game can help provide great insight into fundamental developments. You can find charts not only on Forex Trading, but also on Stock, indices, commodities and metals. They feature a heavy emphasis on technical trading with only a brush against fundamental analysis.

The good news is that technical trading is a very strong performer if employed correctly. Here are a few reasons why I think you should choose this website over others:. Beginners often find themselves lost in the labyrinth that comprises the terminology, charts and other tools used in Forex trading. It gives you an environment that mimics the real thing, with the only difference being that you practice with virtual currency.

Regulation is a must when choosing a website you can trade Forex on. Otherwise, you risk falling to scams of con artists, who promise too much yet give nothing.

Apart from that, FxPro is also a good choice. I used to trade with them before making the switch to WesternFX. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. What is the best website for Forex trading? Try Jira for free. Free Trial at jira. You dismissed this ad.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Simple options trading guide. Most options traders lose because they don't know this simple formula. Learn More at prtradingresearch. Who are the best Forex trading signal providers? Which is the best forex trading course? What are the best Forex Trading Tips? Here are what we think are thetop forex websites that you should know about to supplement your Forexknowledge online: Forex Analysis sites AnalystFX www.

All its contents are suitable for traders of allexperience levels Forex President www. Unique Websites Forex Complain www. See how your visitors are really using your website. Hotjar is a quick and easy way to truly understand your website visitors. Try it for free. Learn More at hotjar.

Which is the best website for Forex trading? Forex Factory - This website has a nice economic calendar and gives you a great idea about key news releases. They have a color coded system to show the severity of the news release.

AnalystFX If you want to know how the latest news releases are going to affect your trading session, AnalystFX is the right place for you as it is one of the best forex forecast website. Forextoo Forextoo - Forextoo This website can give you nice ideas what can you expect from the market. Forex Catalogs This is first ever complete forex Directory or as you can say- forex information website.

Forexey Forexey - Forexey This site is very much unique by all means. Mycharting This site is unique because it sole focuses on charts. Related Questions What's the best Forex trading system? What is the best forex trading software? What is the best method of analysis for forex trading? What's the best way to learn about Forex Trading? Is Forex Entourage a legitimate trading website?

What is the best harmonic pattern to use in trading forex? James Chen started his own site in and it looks great. He focuses on straightforward and accurate technical analysis and also provides forex lessons. Chen is clearly an authority in forex. Larry Greenberg, a veteran currency economist brings forex news from many places all over the world, and in-depth analysis of current events. She provides interesting technical and fundamental analysis, forex signals and strategies.

A significant part of posts are of her interesting TV interviews. Get the 5 most predictable currency pairs. Ending the year on a high note… ForexLive. Ramiro on Dec 22, Voy a revisar los sitios que no conozco. Derrick on Dec 22, Hugh Kimura on Dec 22, Isaac on Dec 23, All the gathering places of the losing traders FXfactory excl. Henry Daniels on Dec 23, Now I know where to look for particular information. Yohay on Dec 24, As a result, your vote for the winner would not depend on who you thought was prettiest.

Instead, your vote would depend on how you thought the judges would vote. In anything where there is no intrinsic value, utility or there is so much uncertainty that it's impossible to evaluate, there is no real analysis of the market.

The great bubble at the moment is in marijuana stocks. The story is that it will be legalized. That's already happened in Uruguay and in October it will happen in Canada.

That set off a bonanza of speculation about how companies will make a mint selling marijuana. Pot stocks have absolutely soared. It started last year in Canada with some producers rising 10x in a few months. A second wave of the bubble has kicked off on the belief that marijuana will eventually be legalized globally.

Marijuana is extremely easy to grow. It's called weed because you can grow it in a ditch. Sure, the quality might vary but if you could grow a lower-quality iPhone in your back yard, then Apple wouldn't be a trillion dollar company. But in a bubble that doesn't matter. Marijuana legalization is a great story. People undoubtedly spend a lot of money on pot and companies could make money doing it. It's not a story I believe yet it's compelling enough that fools around the world are going to believe it.

ForexLive Here's the Google search trends chart for 'weed stocks'. The lesson is simple. When you're evaluating some assets, you don't necessarily need to be able to make sense of them. You are just evaluating the story. If it's compelling enough, the asset will continue to rise until the supply of fools is exhausted.

There remain some substantive differences Barnier: It's entirely natural to think short-term neutral may rise above long-run estimate US business inventories for July 0. US consumer is very strong US import prices GBP shorts remain the largest spec position Markets:.

It was a full day of headlines on Friday with the main one a report that Trump has told his cabinet yesterday he wants to impose China tariffs. Yesterday's rally was completely wiped out in a 60 pip fall to 1. That takes the shine off a nice two-day bounce from 0. Cable news from Raab and Barnier wasn't a big surprise and didn't have much of an effect. Cable was caught in a broad US dollar bid that was built on solid data and talk about the Fed hiking beyond long-term neutral next year.

The White House says the President has been clear that he and his administration will continued to take action to address China's unfair trade practices. The tariffs are coming. Daly has worked at the New York Fed since and is the current research director.

She will take the job on Oct 1. According to Bloomberg that her past speeches hint she could prefer a slow-going approach to rate hikes, which is typical of the San Francisco Fed. Two weeks ago, Argentina was asking the IMF to speed up payments. I was on BNNBloomberg yesterday talking about global currencies.

If you skip ahead to 2: Draghi said risks were balanced, so there must have been some people on the other side. Draghi was surprisingly upbeat yesterday but it's clear that there's some worries, especially with a few weak data points.

There's been no reaction to this headline, which hit right at the top of the hour on Reuters. It's possible that someone had it an hour earlier and it would explain the drop then. Drilling picks back up but has stalled for a few months. NPR reports that Manafort's cooperation agreement with the special counsel does not include matters involving the Trump campaign.

The person asked not to be identified," NPR reports. That vastly diminishes the political risk for Trump. It makes sense, seeing as he would want a much better deal if he was going to sell out the President.

His best chance at freedom any time soon is still a pardon. The euro is at the lows of the day, down 60 pips to 1. There aren't any new headlines behind the drop. It's not yet clear how much cooperation he will be doing, or what he knows.

He's certainly not getting a sweetheart deal. He's already been found guilty to counts that will lead to several years in jail and with this plea he will get more jailtime and has agreed to forfeit four bank accounts and give up all his property. However on the Trump file, it's all about Trump about to put tariffs on China.

More supply in landlocked Alberta without any means to get it to market has resulted in a massive discount but it's approaching crisis levels at the moment. If only there were some kind of safe, extremely efficient way to get oil to tidewater. Even with today's bounce, the move is modest in the weekly perspective. Taking a look at the daily chart, the bounce is modest and that will keep the pressure on the downside.

Title text for next article. Join our Telegram group. Get the ForexLive Newsletter. The greater the story, the greater the bubble. Fri 14 Sep The greater fool theory explains almost every bubble Some things have an intrinsic value. This is all called the greater fool theory. The problem is that eventually you run out of people.

How do you trade a bubble? Instead, you are simply evaluating what other people think.

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