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LETS are revitalising communities throughout Britain. Businesses are also indirectly excluded from participating in LETS since the costs of trying to integrate a cash system with a LETS account are too high for most businesses. Many LETS members prefer to work for an equal rate of pay and many schemes are either constituted on this basis or suggest a standard rate to be used "when members wish to trade on an equal basis". There are usually no limits on these accounts and no interest is charged on negative balances or given to positive balances. As members meet personally to make transactions, they increase the number of their community contacts, and widen their social network. A grand total of twenty days!

A local exchange trading system (also local employment and trading system or local energy transfer system; abbreviated LETS) is a locally initiated, democratically organised, not-for-profit community enterprise that provides a community information service and records transactions of members exchanging goods and services by using locally.

An FAQ on the LETS system

On the basis of the standard rate, currency to be moved to another scheme is translated into hours at the standard rate for that scheme, and when received by another scheme, it is translated back into currency at the standard rate for that scheme.

The proposition of the original LETSystem was that transparency and community pressure would prevent people from taking advantage of the system. The earlier paper-based models did not give feedback often enough to the members, but web-based systems which instantly show members' balance of account and also allow for qualitative feedback provide more sensitive management tools, and many groups are now taking advantage of LETSlink's programme of hosting online systems for member groups.

The problem of high earners failing to spend is also a challenge, and the idea of "demurrage" whereby currency not used actually shrinks, by means of a sort of "reverse interest" has often been mooted by theoreticians. To work properly the fees taken would have be proportional to the amount saved, and this could be built in as a configurable option in web-based systems.

Meanwhile, continuing to charge administrative fees to fallow accounts achieves much the same result, although in less equitable way. Working in the Community: Many well-developed schemes have a community fund in order to take care of needy members of the community. This principle is now recommended to support community-based volunteering and activist projects. Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury if you are indeed believers.

This spawned a number of schemes. Foremost of which is L. S, which was established in the United Kingdom and became famous through its Stroud Pound. Money which is directly linked to a specific commodity or service which must be provided or delivered upon demand either now or some time in the future.

The classic case is that of Mrs. Smith, an elderly lady who has a leaking roof. She might be able to get Mr. The problem arises when the builder has no need of her services, in which case, the old lady has to wait until she can find a builder with whom she can barter her services.

In the mean-time the community is denied both of their wealth creating activities, and she has to continue living with a leaking roof. However, under a LETS scheme, they would both be able to benefit. Smith could call the same builder or any builder in the scheme, who would be able to undertake her roofing repairs and accept from her a cheque for the full amount.

This is the usual rate throughout the country. The builder then takes Mrs. Smith's cheque for Stroud Pounds to the depository where it is recorded and credited to his account. Smith's account is duly debited by the same amount.

This means that Mrs. Smith is now committed to perform hours of Baby-sitting at 2 Stroud Pounds per hour. The builder can now spend some of his money on getting his van serviced.

He may have to pay sterling for parts but the service portion of the bill can be paid in LETS currency. In the above situation we can see the value of reducing transactions involving future obligations committed to writing. And letting a Scribe - in this case a book keeper - write down, witness or record in a data base the roofing transaction and the future commitment of Mrs.

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