Backtest and refine trading strategies

Three Moving Averages A more sophisticated MA system that uses a third moving average to identify ranging markets. You only need to look at the 5 minute chart with the current days data each candle represents five minutes of trading. Moving Average Displaced Envelope. In downtrends, trend-following indicators suggest selling short, but oscillators become oversold and issue signals to buy. Marc Chaikin's oscillator monitors the flow of money in and out of the market.

Afl is always good to analyze the market in different system like trend following indicators and oscillators. The Triple Screen Trading System helps you in easily analyze the market in different time frames and different indicators.

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Before going any further,I would assume you have no additional resources or assets which would aid you in getting this return. You just have an initial investment of which you want to grow into in a span of 6 months. Open a trading account with a respectable discount broker. And opt for all the segments i. This might cost you max Rupees. But every country have their own reputed discount brokers.

A simple google search would help you to compare various discount brokers available in your country. Assuming that you have zero knowledge of markets, go through some of the online free courses to understand capital markets.

Give special focus on currency markets and the factors which affect the movement of currency pairs. Try paper trading to boost your confidence.

Recently we published a very interesting article on how and where to learn about markets. How and Where to learn about Stock Market? Go through the margin requirements for various securities in your brokers website. That means with Rupees in your account you can trade for rupees. This is the magic of margin trading. I would leave it completely to your research and analysis that how would your predict the movement of USD-INR currency pair.

This is indeed a vital task for your investment growth and I would recommend you to learn technical analysis. Create a trading plan and stick to it for next six months. If possible backtest your system on tools like Amibroker. That means 3 out of your 10 trades is profitable.

AFL of the week: Risk management is imperative for the success of any Trading system. Try to maintain risk-reward ratio of at least 1: That means for every trade Profit target should be 3x and stoploss should be 1x.

Read about our risk-reward calculator here. Now consider you trade once every day. If we assume 20 trading days a month, then for 6 months it would be roughly trades. If you earn 0. And if you loose 0. If we subtract brokerage and other charges the total effective return would come close to Rupees.

However there are few catches which makes this task extremely difficult: Hi Sekar, I have doubled my money in 1 month multiple times. It solely depends on your risks and money management strategy. I know this post would attract criticism, but it would be great if you can point out the impracticality of approach I shared so that we can have a healthy discussion.

So you can set"Maximum active order" feature to limit the Scrip quantity based on your capital. This feature will give flexibility to manage the trade start time, squire off time and also tradesperson can switch between Intraday and positional trade. Robotrade notification is useful for getting SMS, email to your mobile or inbox on the move. Many tradesperson like to use variety of levels in their day to day trading like, Pivot level,W.

This is an updated version of Robot trader single client software. For example, Client A can set only crudeoil 2 lot. Please contact to know how robots trader will help you to solve the major trading issues. The perfect way to control emotio and maintaining Profitable risk reward ratio. Automatically analyses the market Automatically Places Buy Sell orders Automatically Manages Stop Loss and Target Real robot trader is a self analyzing and self trade executing software for Indian market.

It will automatically analyse the market and place Buy,Sell, stop loss, target orders in your broker terminal like nest, now or odin. Auto-Robot Trading is a program which will replace manual trade-execition to automatic executions. The software will itself carry out buy sell short cover functions and it will also maintain your stop loss , target and quantity. Robotic Trading is a Computer software which will replace manual trade to automation.

Robo trading system is a software which provides buy sell signals based on our own technical rules. Robo trader plugin is an executer which will help u to manage trading terminal,scrip, quantity, expiry etc Robo plugin cannot work without a trading system except level trading. Robo Trading System is a software which generates buy sell signals on a live chart.

Currently Robo Trader is compatible with amibroker and MT4 trading system. If your trading system is written by amibroker or MT4 then you can connect otherwise you have to discuss with our developer team to develop your own trading system. You may have to pay for this service.

The minimum amount depends on your broker. Some of them provide better leverage while some do not. So please consult your broker for minimum margin requirement. It is most suitable for Naked option traders. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

It depends on time frame, scripts etc. Yes, if you do not have vps. But if you have vps, keeping the computer on all the time is not necessary. If you want you can, but it is not compulsory, if stop loss and target are not set the software takes up default values, and trades totally on the signals generated on the chart. You make the payment and inform us and after the payment is confirmed our technical team will contact you and install the software in your computer. Dealer robo is specially designed for brokers and sub brokers.

A broker can add all his clients in dealer robo and robo will execute the trade for all their clients based on their trading requirement. If your Auto-Robot Trader software is installed in the VPS or cloud you will have the advantage of getting access to your VPS or cloud from any computer or android mobile so that you can monitor your trade and alter it on the go, moreover if software is in the VPS there is no need of keeping your computer and internet on all the time. A user login is provided for the VPS so that you can login in it from any where and anytime.

The major reason to loose the trade is a sudden change in the market sentiments. Volume, Volatility, Bad government policy,poor regulation or even poor strategy.

It is the largest enemy of the trader. By nature human is greedy, because the life of human is very short. When a trader execute a large quantity of trade for making some fast money, his heart start to pump fast, when market moves against him he gets confused gets worried not knowing when to close fast with profit as a scared rabbit does. Many experienced traders after loosing their capital start writing books,teaching new traders, forecasting television channels, News papers, blog as simply hide their failure.

Think why a professional trader needs to sell books for few Rupees where he can make so much in one trade. Its here a trader become weak drowning under his own ego. Do you watch chart more than consecutive hours without any break? Do you trade vengeance and an extreme aggressive way when you loose? Do you try to against the trend in the extreme market hours? Do you challenging the market? Do you always increasing your stop loss and are never willing to accept you were wrong in your trade?

Do you keep losing trades open for days, weeks, months and even you add more money to your account to lose more on the hope that, the market will switch directions and go your way, never accepting you were wrong in your trade? Do you keep on trading in a bad day even if you have lost 2 or 3 trades consecutively in one market session?

If the most of the answers are yes, You have trade addiction. You must solve your addictions immediately , before you loose all your money. Few years back most of the traders were using brooking house for their trading activities. So the broker's running cost was very high to setup the branches, franchisee, staffs and other infrastructure. So they charge very high brokerage from client to maintain the running cost. But now most of traders trading from home through the online terminal and broker's running cost decreased tremendously.

Many discount broking companies entered the market, offering lowest brokerage and also offering unlimited trade against a nominal monthly subscription. If you are still holding your trading account with a traditional broker ,this is the time to switch your account to a discount broker and you can save lump some amount every month.

MT4 Robo plugin is launched. If you ignore this, surely, you will loose. Use Auto Trading software What is Robotic Trading System? All you need to do is activate a strategy in your charting software and run robotic trade plugin. The first thing in Robotic trading is to create a trading strategy.

Based on your exit strategy, it will book profit or exit when stop loss hits. For example if your buy price is , target is and stop loss is Use Robo Trader to avoid it. The Ultimate auto trading software. What is the advantage of robotic trading?

It's reducing your emotions. Emotions have a major roll in our trading success, especially in day trading. It is a perfect alternative to control the emotions. It's preventing from over trade. Most of the traders have this issue. After appearing the buy signal, normally within 3 seconds order will be placed to your terminal. But Manually it may take 10 to 30 seconds. Robo trading is a perfect choice for basket traders. It is a computer program, which will automatically execute the trade to your broker terminal based on the pre-setted trading strategy.

A fully automated Trading System without human intervention. Automatic exit on Target and stop Loss. Call, for Free Demo. Charting Platform Amibroker with strategy.

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Elder Triple Screen Trading System - Largest database of free formulas, indicators, oscillators and trading systems for Amibroker (AFL), . The triple screen trading system requires screen the chart for the long-term trend be examined first. This ensures that the trade follows the tide of the long-term trading while allowing for entrance into trades at times when the market moves briefly against the trading. A Simple Triple Screen System for Trading Multi Timeframes. It is always good to analyze the market in different indicators like trend following indicators afl oscillators. The Triple Screen Trading System helps you in easily analyze the market forex different time frames and different indicators.